Saturday, February 2, 2013

Get Real: Why Printed Books are Better than E-Readers

So there's this debate going on about printed books vs. e-readers. I don't have an e-reader and I don't plan to get one if I can help it (some college classes actually require you to buy one). So, I thought I'd throw my two cents into this debate. Here are my top 10 reasons why I prefer the printed word over e-readers. In no particular order I bring you my list…

1) Self-Defense
     -You too can be like Jason Bourne and use your hardbacks to beat-up the bad guys. Or just use them to beat-up on your friends who trash your favorite book (but beware, they will retaliate. Possibly with Little House in the Big Woods.) =D

2) 1 Star Print Books Make Good Coasters
     -You ever had a book you just wanted to throw against the wall? Couldn’t get rid of it or can’t bring yourself to? Never fear! It can be useful in other ways!

 3) Print Books Make Great Barbie Forts
     -Low on cash and you/your daughter/sister/niece want to create a castle or fort for their Barbie’s? Never look farther then your bookshelf. 

 4) Great Home Decorations
     -What better furniture can your home have than a bookshelf? You can show off all your print books to your friends and tell stories about how you came about them. Yes, bragging is a big part of this.

 5) Multiple Editions/Covers
     -Your spending the day browsing books (at a bookstore or booksale) and you come across your favorite novel. You already own the book but the cover is something you’ve never seen before and you are drawn to it. It hypnotizes you and whispers, “buy meee!” This is how you end up with six copies of A Christmas Carol and four copies of Pride and Prejudice.

 6) Print Books Hold Memories
     -You don’t need a pensive to contain your memories, just flip through the pages of a book you have read. Autographs from the authors stare up at you from the first page and you remember the hand that marked it. You can see the tears drops where you wept for the characters, the coffee stains and crumbs of the comfort food you brought with you on the journey.

7) Print Books Smell Good
     -Who can resist the smell of an adventure! Buildings with books carry a wonderful aroma with it. You can walk from a bakery directly into a library, take a deep breath and say, “ahh, this smells nice.” (True story)

8) Print Books Can Dry Easily
     -Ever feel like reading at the beach or in the bathtub? When you’re surrounded with water you want to make sure you have something that could survive an impromptu shower. If your print book gets wet don’t worry, Just hang it out to dry and you be able to read it the next day (mostly true.)
 9) Great Place To Hide Secret Codes
     -Just like in National Treasure, you too can create an Ottendorf (book) Cipher to send messages to your friends. Just make sure you both have the same edition of the book!

10) No Recharging Required
     -In the event of time travel or an apocalypse you don’t need to worry about forgetting your charger or having no electricity. Your print books run on their own power.


  1. Hah, wonderful list! I can totally get behind all of these reasons (even though I DO own an e-reader), especially the Barbie fort. My kid would do that in a heartbeat.

    1. Thanks! Haha, truthfully I always used VHS tapes for my barbie forts! The books kept falling over ;)

  2. I love to display my books too hehehe. One thing I really like about e-readers is when I'm writing reviews, and I remember a vague detail and I'd like to find out more about it I can just type it into the search function and it finds any mentions of it in the book instead of my flipping through the book until I find it again.

    1. That is a good point. I have a kindle downloaded to my laptop (I use it to download free things but rarely use it) and that function really came in handy when I was trying to write a paper on Jane Eyre and was looking for key words.