Sunday, February 12, 2012


I was just tagged by Tamara @ Book Ruckus this is a great way to get to know fellow bloggers! To participate:

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            1. What is your favorite movie, based on a book ?
Oh, this is hard. If there’s one thing I like more than books it’s movies. I would have to say it’s probably Stardust. The Movie is just so awesome but it’s very different from the book (which is also pretty good).
2. What is your least favorite genre? Why?
Hmm, well I don’t read a lot of YA contemporary fiction. Cause most of it has to do with teens in high school just trying to survive and I was homeschooled. I really can’t connect to the characters that well.
3. Scenario: Apocalyptic event (*panic* LOL).... you can choose 1 book to be sealed away and saved.... which one is it? Why? Ouch, another toughy. Well, not counting the Bible, I would have to say Pride and Prejudice. It’s my favorite book and in an apocalyptic event it can lighten the mood.
4. What book, releasing this year, are you most anxious to get your hands on?
I have two. One: Scarlet (which comes out Tuesday!); and two: Rebel (sequel to Blood Red Road!). Sooo can’t wait to read these books!!!
5. What is the biggest surprise you've had as far as books go? Was there one that exceeded your expectations? One that totally bombed?
Well, I can only talk of books I’ve read recently but “Blood Red Road” definitely exceeded my expectation cause there were no quotation marks and in a weird accent but I ended up loving it. “Wicked Appetite” I think was one that totally bombed in my eyes. After reading the authors other series I was looking forward to this new one and I didn’t really care for it at all.  
6. If you could re-write history and pick a book/series to write yourself (instead of the actual author), which masterpiece would you call yours? Hmm, well first off I would love to take a shot at rewriting the Twilight series but I’ve never really felt like I could do any series better than the author.
7. Hardcover or paperback? Which do you prefer?
Hardcover, hands down. I like my books to last and paperback seems to wear down pretty fast if it’s read a lot.
8. If you could interview any author, alive or dead, who would you choose?
I love these questions. I would have to say it’s a choice between three: Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, or Suzanne Collins. I just love their writing/stories I would be star struck if I met them.
9. Do you participate in a book club that meets in reality? or do you prefer online ones?
No book club but I’m apart of club at college that our whole purpose is putting together book related events and talking about books and dr.
10. Charles Dickens or Jane Austen? Explain.
As much as I love Dickens I have to say Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice was one of the first classics I had read and it’s the only book (besides children’s) that I’ve reread three times. Jane Austen holds a special place in my heart =)
11. If you wrote a book about your life... what would the title be?
I’m not sure: My life’s not that interesting.

People I'm tagging.....
1. Natalie @ Mindful Musings
2. Caaleros (aka my sister) @ Caaleros
4. Brittani @ Hope, Faith & Books
9. Annmarie @ World of Books
10. Celine @ Forget-Me-Not
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And now for my 11 questions (copy & paste when you respond to them):

1.       What is your favorite time period (Romantic, Victorian, Contemporary, ect.) to read and why?
2.       If could have a dinner party of authors, alive or dead, who would you invite?
3.       Love Triangles or Love/Hate? Which characters are your favorite example of your choice?
4.       What is your comfort book?
5.       If you could date a character who would it be?
6.       Book series’ or stand-alone books?
7.       It’s the library book sale and the line is wrapped around the building. Which genre of books do you go to first?
8.       How do you organize your bookshelf? Title, genre, color, ect?
9.       In the event of an ice storm and all the electricity goes out and you only had enough candles to read from one book which would it be?
10.   Which book would you like to see made into a movie?
11.   Vampires or aliens?


  1. Yay for Blood Red Road! I've had so many people tell me that they couldn't get past the slang and lack of quotation marks.... it's great to find someone else who loved the book! Thanks for playing along :)

  2. Thanks for tagging me, it was fun! I know, I almost didn't pick up Blood Red Road for that reason but the story line was just to much to my liking. After the first 10 or so pages you don't even notice it. Your the only person besides my sister who I know that has read it, glad you liked it! I can't wait for the sequel!

  3. I posted my answers if you wanna check them out!